Essentials of an Effective Business Website

Webinar - Wed., May. 4, 2022 at 12:00 PM ET

Your website is a direct reflection of your organization and should be supporting your sales and marketing goals. Join experienced digital marketer and web designer, Dale Shadbegian, as we explore a step-by-step process for planning a website that helps produce your desired results:

  1. Outlining website goals that align with your sales and marketing strategy
  2. Examining best practices, along with elements of creativity
  3. Examples of great websites, and ones that could use improvements
  4. Overview of the latest tools to see how your website is being used

Note: This is not a hands-on design shop featuring a specific platform - it’s an overview of a process for any website platform.

submit your questions ahead of the webinar so we can make sure to answer them.

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