PPP Loan Forgiveness Application: A Step by Step Briefing for Small Businesses

On May 15, 2020, SBA released the PPP loan forgiveness application, an 11-page application that borrowers will need to complete. As a follow-up to our previous PPP Loan Forgiveness webinar, Sandra Finch, a Certified Public Accountant who educates CPAs nationwide, will join Beth Milito and Holly Wade for a session that will review the PPP loan forgiveness application step by step and cover:
  • 8-Week Covered Period and Alternative Payroll Covered Period
  • Eligible PPP Costs Including Owner Compensation
  • FTE Reduction Exceptions
  • June 30 Safe Harbor
  • Timing for Completing the Application and Documents Needed
Holly, Beth, and Sandra will also answer your questions live during Q&A. You can submit questions in advance to [email protected].